About me

Véronique Bosshardt

I am pleased to welcome you on my home page and I would like to thank you for your interest!

I used to live a work overseas for many years before I decided to return to my homeland for good. All my professional education and my working life were dedicated on health matters and I am therefore used to respond to individual needs. This is what I have also been doing since the start of my own small business with its variety of services. These include manicure, pedicure and foot reflexology and other treatments, for which I enjoyed thorough professional training.

But why am I offering my services at home? I think home service is a social and customer friendly solution that should be available for everybody.

Don’t you like going to a foot carer’s practice?
Do you like it best to stay at home?
Are you confronted with personal or health problems?
Do you simply enjoy to be treated at home?
Is it too difficult to get public transport without loosing too much time?
Are you on a holiday and need a pedicure or manicure?

There are so many reasons why you could decide to be treated privately!